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Welcome! I'm Brittany! I'm what I like to call a Pinterest Coach & Strategic Monthly Manager and the CEO of InAlignment Virtual Collaborations. I have a passion for helping a variety of female life coaches to learn to leverage the Pinterest platform in their business marketing so they can drop the #AllTheThings mentality and having to constantly chase potential clients on social media. Pinterest is a traffic monster! By implementing a Pinterest strategy into their business, coaches can increase traffic and build brand awareness to ultimately scale their business! I specialize in and provide Coaches with Pinterest strategy and management services,  including setups, cleanups and account audits!! I am also creating an entire mastery program for those more so looking to learn & implement the platform themselves instead of outsourcing it, so stay tuned for more details on that! 

But why? Right? Well... because I believe Pinterest works better than any other digital or social marketing platform out there... especially from what I’ve seen & experienced so far. Ive spent far less time on the platform, yet seen much greater results, over any other platform. 

However, pinning for business requires a completely different strategy than pinning on a personal Pinterest page or when posting to other platforms. A Pinterest Coach/Manager, like me, specializes in working with Pinterest business accounts to get business owners the best results possible, including teaching business owners how to implement their own Pinterest strategy. 

As long as you create regularly, optimize for visibility, and build awareness for your audience, Pinterest offers your business massive website traffic, and helps you to build your email list thereby increasing clients & boosting sales! What could be better right?!

Pinterest is different than other content platforms because....
1. Pinterest isn't a social media platform, it's a visual search engine. Its more like Google & Youtube than Instagram & Facebook 
2. Your content is evergreen and never gets buried in a newsfeed! Just remember to update old pins and keep getting traffic and sales, month after month and year after year! 

 Just Imagine....  

  • Growing your email list on autopilot!

  • Exploding traffic to your website & landing pages.

  • Being the go-to expert in your niche & industry!

  • Taking back your time & finally stepping into that CEO role!

The online world and social media are always changing these days. It seems like almost daily there's a new algorithm update or platform change! 

What worked well a few years ago or even a few months ago for social media simply doesn't work like it used to. You truly do need someone who can stay up to date for you!

As a busy coach, you may be interested in starting up a Pinterest and implementing a strategy but have no clue where to begin, and may be wondering if you'll even have the time. Or you could be on the other end of the spectrum, you're exhausted trying to keep up with your Pinterest strategy and may be thinking about hiring out your Pinterest management to someone else so you can continue to get more leads and traffic to your website/content, ultimately growing your business and blog to the next level while being hands free and available for more things you truly enjoy. 

No matter which person you are at the end of each day, you are most likely feeling overwhelmed and close to burn out from trying to keep up with everything on your daily to-do list already, like staying on top of all your clients, providing valuable content consistently, email marketing etc. Trying to implement and manage a Pinterest strategy just seems like another thing on the list... Am I right? 


...But if your an online business that includes blogging or content creation, you simply can't afford to ignore Pinterest!!

That's where InAlignment Virtual Collaborations comes in! Right now, I offer several different monthly management packages based on you, your business needs and your budget. By working together,  you and I will customize a marketing strategy that's specifically for you, from keywords & SEO, to board descriptions, pin design & scheduling via Tailwind. I'll work to implement it all so by the time 3 months is up you'll see how big of a difference it really makes! Pinterest truly rewards consistency! 

Not ready for monthly management yet? No worries! I also offer 3 other packages that are one time payments, that may suite your Pinterest needs just perfectly- my Pinterest Startup & Optimization Package, my Cleanup Service and my Account Audit Service! 

Or maybe you are someone who is more so looking for Pinterest coaching? So you can learn to utilize the Pinterest platform and implement a strategy on your own? Stay tuned for my brand new Pinterest & Tailwind Group Mastery Program, coming soon! 

Make sure to check out the Rates & Services tab in order to view my offers in detail! 




Are you looking for a Pinterest Coach or Manager? Are my services intriguing but you want to know more?! Schedule a free Collab Session to discuss your Pinterest needs and what you would like from hiring a Pinterest Manager. Let's see if I'd make a great fit! 
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"Brittany is your DREAM virtual assistant. 

I've worked with more than 6 virtual assistants for my small business and have previously built social media audiences to more than 11,000 followers.  Brittany is the best VA I have worked with, hands down.  She works hard, stays organized and is good at her craft.  If she doesn't know how to do something, she researches it and teaches herself.  For social media writing, Brittany has an exceptional writing voice for responding to audience comments, leaving engagement comments and more.  She has mastered communicating with me using project management software.  Often times, she helps me stay accountable to completing tasks that I've forgotten or overlooked.  

Since I have had Brittany's help, I have been able to build out a brand new course on Teachable with minimum effort, release a 3-day video course freebie to my audience, increase my followers on instagram, improve my blog traffic and much more.  

Most importantly, I finally have the time to focus on my primary job as a creator instead of spending my valuable time on administrative tasks.  Thanks to Brittany, my business is more profitable and I'm happier.  

I highly recommend Brittany as your next Virtual Assistant!" 
- Lauren Chante


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